Timeless Design

Timeless Design

Timeless Design

Timeless Design

A Classic Design Style

Timeless design refers to a design style that can stand the test of time. It cannot be affected by trends and is always in style, it stays relevant over the years. Unlike trends, timeless design is more permanent and you can do away with changing accessories and accents to stay up to date. Also, a great design style for Home Staging Services in Utah.

This design approach is simple to execute once you master its basic principles.

How to achieve a timeless design

We have put together basic tips for creating a timeless interior design style.

  1. Less is more

    Simplicity is key for timelessness. Going minimal is the easiest way to create a classic interior. A neutral palette is easy to style as neutral colors match pretty well with all colors. Furniture and décor items with clean lines look sophisticated and blend seamlessly into most interior design styles. Choose items with simple shapes and minimal details. A simple clear glass vase offers unlimited décor possibilities. Any type of flower
    easily looks delicate in the vase and offer enough accessory for your dining table.

  2. Use classic patterns
                                                                                                              Avoid patterns like animal prints, chevrons, and herringbone as this tends to become outdated very fast. Instead, go for stripes and plaid. These patterns have so many variations which makes them timeless and easy to incorporate in any interior décor style.

  3. Use of quality items.

    Quality items have high longevity and express a strong sense of character. To achieve a timeless design, invest in high-quality items that can last a lifetime. Poor quality furniture or accessories may look good in the beginning but begin to crumble with time giving your house a cheap and shabby look. Always for comfort when buying sofas as this will
    be another reason to keep them for a long time.

  4. Avoid trends

    Nothing screams temporary than trends. Trends only last a few years which means you have to change your items frequently and spend a lot of resources in between. See Trends here. It also becomes boring as you encounter the same things in everyone else’s space. You can however use trendy accessories only as accents that you can change at any time but not as primary items like major furniture.

Here are reasons why you should choose a timeless interior design approach.

Pros of timeless design

The timeless design draws its advantages from its characteristics while working with Carrie Anderson Interiors.

  • Having an interior design style that can last for ages and remain elegant saves you a lot of money and time spent in buying and sourcing trendy items that can only last a season.
  • One characteristic of Carrie Anderson Interiors is high quality and sophisticated items that not only last long but are also good for aesthetics.
  • Carrie Anderson Interior design allows you to have a unique signature style for your home as it is customizable to your taste and liking.


Work with Carrie Anderson Interiors

The attention to detail in a bid to create a beautiful and stylish space can take much thought, finance, and planning, yet the simplicity that may come from that will allow for a timeless design that is elegant and fully functional. Count on Carrie Anderson Interiors to get the job done.


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