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Are you nostalgic staging your home leaving cherished memories yet still excited about the lucrative venture? Let’s handle the pressure, shall we? You will be required to showcase your best assets, impress your buyers and close the deal at the highest possible price. The critical areas to focus on are mainly the kitchen, bathrooms, bedroom, unusable spaces, outdoor spaces like the patio and the pool. Decluttering is key to getting rid of those flaws and reducing the market lag time. As you declutter, clean, and replace your non-functioning appliances together will all personal items like the refrigerator arts, birthday photos, sculptures, and canvas paintings on the hallways.

The 2019 Profile of Home Staging Research indicates 25% of buyers and 22% of agents reported on the economic benefits (5% increase) in home staging as compared to non-staging. For better turnouts, thoroughly clean the house from the ceiling, walls, and floors. Remember to also clean the birdbaths and tender the flowers. You can get rid of the odors using vanilla-scented candles or adding essential oils with a little amount of water and spray towards the center of the house to make your house crispy and fresh. You can also use bee wax candles or air purifiers to freshen the house. The sinks can be unclogged from oils using a mixture of hot water and baking soda. Lemon juice can be used to get rid of stubborn rust stains.

It is critical to define your rooms and make use of the unused spaces. For example, you can transform the basement into an entertainment room, under the stairs can be used for more storage or bookshelf (mini library), and an empty room to a guest room. The window area can be transformed into a reading nook. Tear down the wallpaper and paint the walls in neutral colors as it will imply an extra effort to the buyer after moving in. Remember to paint the house in warm, neutral colors as color tastes are personal to everyone. It would cost you a little higher on hardwood floors but, it is a sure bet in attracting your buyers. Hardwood floors are easy to clean, warm, elegant, and friendly to allergic individuals. Ceramic tiles or high-quality vinyl tiles will work best for your kitchen and bathrooms as they are easy to clean, non-slippery, and will prevent falls.

Light up the rooms with natural lights by opening the curtains and blinders. Remember to also light the closet lights to brighten the spaces and make them more appealing. The lesser the assets, the spacious and uncluttered it will be. Therefore, declutter the extra sofas. You can make the furniture edgy by using contrasting colored throw pillows. Prune the lawn, hedges, flower boxes, and trees as it is the first appeal. On the final touches, add clean, white towels in the bathrooms to add neatness and synchrony.

According to, staging a home the average fees can be around $300 to 600 dollars for an initial design consultation and $ 500 to $ 600 per staged room per month. The variance in prices results from different locations. So, you need to be certain of your locational price limits. When home staging, you can decide to either DIY, seek help from a real estate agent, use a professional stager or you can combine. Using professionals will mean an added cost but it will be beneficial to the business. The professionals will evaluate the current home conditions, give recommendations on how to improve the house and work on the suggestions by rearranging the furniture and adding new décor.

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