Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Trends

2022 Interior Design Trends

The years 2020-21 saw everybody become more intimate with their interior space. There arose a
need to have well-curated spaces as most of our time was spent indoors. There was a lot of time
to experiment with interior design styles giving rise to trends that made their way into 2021.
Let’s have a look at the top interior design styles in vogue in 2022.


Maximalism is the artistic and liberal combination of colours, textures, tones and shapes. The
idea of more than normal when it comes to interior accessories has grown popular. This interior
design style allows you to be bold and generous with all your favourite patterns, deep colours
and décor items. The use of more makes a space look lavish and grab attention. When correctly
executed, maximalism creates a space of maximum liveliness. Check out our latest designs here.

Using bold colours

It has become common to see people use bold colours as primary décor colours and in contrast
with each other, unlike the norm where bold colours are only limited to accents. You will come
across a crimson couch against navy blue walls and all you can feel is boldness. Warm colours
such as red, orange and yellow invoke energetic emotions which explains why people would
prefer them in their space. Infusing these colours in your space ensures your home remains warm
and cosy regardless of the season of the year.

Other bold colours like blue and eggplant purple when used in muted tone can cause a soothing
visual. The secret to correctly accessorizing with bold colours is to use unique combinations.

Mixing textures

The mix and match trend in interior design will always be in style. Texture combinations are
mainly achieved by the use of different textiles in rags, throw pillow covers, curtains and
furniture. Mixing velvets with woven materials conveys a sense of warmth and cosiness.
Textured wallpaper can also be used on walls to add visual interest, balance and set the tone of a

Bringing nature indoors

This is probably the biggest trend of 2022 with almost every interior design enthusiast becoming
a ‘plant mom’. Plants are an essential décor item with monstera and pothos being the hottest
indoor plants in the USA. A little green indoors boosts liveliness and freshness.

Multifunctional rooms

The open space concept has gained popularity in 2021. Especially for Realtors having the need for Home Staging. For more information on Home Staging Services Utah click here. The living room, dining room and
kitchen space no longer have to be defined by walls. The same goes for office spaces as many people switched to working from home and starting small businesses in their homes. Where the home lacks an extra room or office, work desks and storage solutions can be integrated into the living room and bedroom. Multifunctional rooms need neat arrangements to serve all intended functions.

Some of these design trends may still go on in the future while some may fade away completely giving
way to new styles. It is always good to try on upcoming trends to keep you up to date with
current styles. It is also a chance to give your space a new and fresh vibe.


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