“I absolutely love walking into my tapped-out, worse-for-the-wear, haywire house that I try to hide from every neighbor that stops by.”

↑ Said no mama literally ever.

Listen, listen, listen…

No number of trendy Target finds, or clear containers will take the edge off your sleep-deprived and overworked mama heart.

But what's worse?

Rushing through your day of mac and cheese and playdates, feeling like your house is working against you…

Seeing the perfect mom next door live what feels like the perfect life, with the perfect kids and the perfect home (which, FYI, isn’t even reality!)…

And wanting SO badly to hold the blueprint to the plan that will bring it all together because you can’t seem to get through a day without constantly feeling like your pending projects list is screaming for attention—it’s like your PROJECTS have projects.

BUT, you can't seem to get your hands on any blueprint of the sort.

Get ready to say goodbye to your hot mess express—and say hello to your got-it-all-together game plan!

You LOVE a functionally beautiful house when you see one, and you are starting to realize that it’s how you will find peace in your own space and home.  But you can’t quite put your finger on what’s missing… and the nuts-and-bolts of doing it beautifully!? It’s beyond you.

It’s time to hand over your worry and stress so you can focus on the school plays and soccer games.

Just imagine-


“Worrying that their home isn’t clean or organized enough is the 5th most common stress trigger for Americans.”


Oof. That hits a little too close to home, doesn’t it?

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Introducing The Carrie Way

The Step-by-Step Blueprint to Transform Your Dull-As-Dishwater House into the I-Can’t-Believe-I-Live-Here Home.

The Carrie Way is the exact process I use to create and design my own functionally beautiful home— and it’s precisely how I work with overwhelmed and busy mamas to get the exact home and function they are looking for. 

The One Day Design Experience is made up of a 1-hour problem-solving consultation, a custom mood board, product sourcing done by yours truly, and a spectacular one-day installation experience by my team and me. 

carrie anderson, Interior Design Utah: Certified Interior Designer & Organizer in Utah

What’s Included In Our One Day Room Design Experience?

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1 Hour Problem-Solving Consultation:

Let’s meet together one-on-one (virtual or in-person) to hash out your needs and the best way we can solve your design dilemmas. You’ll walk away stoked that you have finally handed over your worries and problems to a professional.

Certified Interior Designers & Organizers in Salt Lake City Utah

Custom Mood Board & Design Concept:

I’ll take your wish list and must-haves to create a custom solution for your problem areas. We ensure you get a solid look-see before ordering and installing to ensure we are headed towards the room of your dreams.

Product Sourcing By Yours Truly:

You’ll get access to my connections and designer discounts when I do the buying! Seriously, this is the coolest thing ever and one of the best parts of working with a professional (that’s me!).

Your Long-Awaited Install Day

It’s going to feel like Christmas morning when I show up at your door with my team. You go kick up your feet (or take the kids to the park) while we do the hard work. At the end of the day, you’ll come home to a beautiful and mind-blowingly functional space.

How It Works


Schedule a 15-minute call with me to determine if the stars have aligned and if I’m the answer to all of your home design prayers.


I’ll get busy searching, sourcing, and designing, all the things I do best! Don’t you worry your little head about a thing. I’ve got you covered.


Kick up your feet and enjoy the view- you won’t believe this space belongs to you! Functional and beautiful and everything nice.

Don’t think of this as just having an IG-worthy house.

This is really about elevating your home and lifestyle.

You could keep trying to do it all yourself in between dance practice and math homework meltdowns (if you know, you know)… But the kids will always be there, and you’re never really going to actually have the time to just knock it out.

You could just leave it the way it is, and keep living in the chaos… But you know from experience, it will never fix itself, and you’ll just keep wasting precious mental space worrying about it.

Or you could hire know-it-all Sally from your local playgroup, who you know really just wants to come  snoop around… But you’re trying to cut ties with Sally, and that doesn’t sound fun AT ALL.

Client Love

It’s time to give yourself permission to focus on your home and turn your worries over to a professional—once and for all.

Are you ready to love where you live? Let’s elevate your everyday however it works for you…

option one

Design Consultation

Give me 2 hours, and I promise you’ll have answers for your most perplexing design & organizational dilemmas by the end. 

Starting at $199

You will feel empowered with our insider design & organizational tips & tricks of the trade to elevate your everyday.

You’re ready for this package if…

Let me help you by using my tools, tips, and tricks so you can pull your home together without the stress or fear of making all the design decisions yourself.

Interior Designer in Utah

option TWO

Designer for a Day

Give me a day to work my magic, and you’ll have an elevated space you couldn’t have pulled together on your own.

Starting at $399

Get ready for that I-Can’t-Believe-I-Live-Here feeling when we are done spending the day together. 

You’re ready for this package if…

Let me help you execute the fairytale vision in your head with the small details you may never have dreamt up yourself!

option THREE

Custom Room design

Our custom room design service will leave nothing untouched from the ground up.

starting at $1999

You won’t even recognize your room when I’m done with this transformative top-to-bottom install – no space will be left untouched!

You’re ready for this package if…

You will feel like your Fairy Godmother showed up when you come home to this done-for-you custom design and install.

Interior Design Services Utah | Book your Design Consultation

My calendar fills up fast, so snag your design date today.

Client Testimonials

Hi, I’m Carrie Anderson.

I’m a wife, mama, grandma, and chocolate enthusiast.

And as a mom-preneur of 30 years, I’ve indeed done it all. So, with the kids out of the house, I finally decided it was time to take my passion for all things beautiful and kick-butt design skills to the streets.

Are we Design Soul Mates?

We’re probably a match made in design heaven if…

We might not be perfect for each other if…

Here’s what others have asked before working with me!

A 50% deposit is due at the time of your consultation, and the other 50% will be collected upon completion of your space.

I want you to love-love-love your space, so you’ll have access to my seven-day install aftercare. This means you can let me know if something isn’t working within seven days of your completed space, and I will work with you until you are satisfied!

Absolutely! This is one of my optional add-ons if you’re one of those hands-on types of people.

This is where I work my magic! Because every space and family is different, I will work with you and your budget to make the most of our time together. Just know I always work to make it realistic to your needs.

Great question! Pop on over to my contact page to get all the details.

Are you pretty sure I’m your fairytale ending, but…you’re just not sure how?

Fill out this form telling me a little about you and the design problems you’re having, and I’ll tell you what you need to elevate your everyday.

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